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Presentation: "Cloud Security or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cloud"

Track: Technologies and Tools / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Lille Sal, BORA BORA

Over the last years Cloud Computing has become one of the most hyped concepts in IT. The lure is obvious: increased business agility and reduced cost. However, many are worried about security: loss of control and lack of confidentiality. In fact, according to IDC (2010), security is the main worry for companies considering to "move to the cloud".

In this talk we start by looking at why, i.e. the threat landscape, and then move on to how to secure cloud solutions - today and and in the future.

Todays solutions include good contracts, understanding cloud deployment models, getting programmatic access, and knowing how to build secure applications in the cloud.

In the future better standards and compliance models for the cloud will emerge while at the same time better technical solutions will appear. One such solution is using cryptography; not only to protect data at rest, but also to compute on encrypted data! The latter may seem impossible, but this talk will give a brief glimpse of how this can be done using technology developed at the Alexandra Institute in collaboration with world-leading cryptographers.

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Alon Hazay, Innovations specialist

Alon Hazay

Biography: Alon Hazay

Senior research and innovation specialist on the security lab with 12 years experience in IT and security, The Alexandra Institute Ltd. Before joining the Alexandra Institute, Alon was the head of security at the Israeli Prime Ministers office. At Alexandra he is the behind their latest offering in cloud security, a course preparing participants for the Cloud Security Alliance's new certification CCSK. He also works on Networks security smartphone security, DLP, Critical Infrastructure security , risk assessments and more.

Jakob Illeborg Pagter, Cryptographic Techniques Guru

Jakob Illeborg Pagter

Biography: Jakob Illeborg Pagter

Jakob's work is focused on creating innovative security solutions which can foster new ideas & business rather than consolidating old ones. One example of such a solution is the security architecture behing the GoalRef intelligent football. Another is the secure auction system of Partisia ApS. He is involved in numerous projects applying novel cryptographic techniques to solve real-world problems (e.g and

Twitter: @pagter