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Presentation: "Demystifying Big Data with Riak Use Cases"

Track: Technologies and Tools / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Lille Sal, BORA BORA

The “big” in Big Data has led to some confusion as to what the concept is all about. While some Big Data applications are leveraging huge data sets, many are not using large data sets – but rather managing very important sets of data in a distributed fashion. This session will outline how the massive migration of IT into the cloud has led to a need for distributed data platforms like Riak – and also how the distributed nature of the cloud and the Riak platform can help unlock greater potential in how businesses can capture, process and store data in new and innovative ways. Led by examples of various Riak deployments, this talk will look to show that the “Big Data” really means “Big Idea.”

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Martin Schneider, VP Marketing Basho Technologies

Martin Schneider

Biography: Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider leads marketing operations for Basho. Martin joins Basho from SugarCRM, where he held various executive-level marketing positions while helping the company grow from a small open source startup into the fastest-growing customer relationship management company in the world. During his time at SugarCRM, Martin started CRM Outsiders, a blog and social media project that quickly became a destination for companies and individuals seeking insight into the new rules of sales and marketing in a market infiltrated by social media channels, and faced with new developments like mobile and cloud computing technology. Prior to SugarCRM, Martin was a lead analyst covering application software for the 451 Group, headquartered in NYC.
Twitter: @mschneider718