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Presentation: "How we (mostly) moved from Java to Scala"

Track: Java / Time: Wednesday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Lille Sal, Musikhuset has largely been a Java development shop. We implemented our new Content API as our first project in Scala, starting at the beginning of last year. From this practical talk you can learn why we chose to move to Scala, how we managed the transition, how we learnt Scala as a team and what benefits it has brought us, with lots of practical examples and code samples.

Keywords: Scala, Java, open platform, ployglot jvm, (erm...)

Target audience: Developers and architects considering the move to Scala

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Graham Tackley, Web Platform Team Lead for

Graham Tackley

Biography: Graham Tackley

Graham Tackley is the Web Platform Team Lead for and a Pragmatic Scala Adopter. As well as ensuring the software running can scale to meet ever increasing demand, he and his team evolve the platform to enable reader engagement in new and innovative ways. Recently, most of his time has been occupied with the Open Platform Content API which provides access to all of the Guardian's current and historical web content.