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Presentation: "Measuring Progress and Performance in Large Agile Developments: Lessons from the Centrica Experience"

Track: Agile at mid-life / Time: Tuesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Store Sal, Musikhuset

When Centrica, owner of brands like British Gas and Dyno, decided to undertake its largest-ever change programme it adopted Scrum across nearly all its software teams. With over 100 scrums working in parallel, it was vital to measure their progress against business and project goals and their performance against process expectations. We show some of the metrics we used and how these provided tracking information to programme management and pointers for process improvement. You will hear about the challenges of implementing an agile process on such a scale, some of the key lessons we learned, and the pitfalls we overcame (or occasionally fell into).

Keywords: Example of keywords: Java, .NET, Architecture, Process, Patterns, Web 2.0, Languages, Code-near, Enterprise, Hot topic etc.: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall to Agile, Large and Legacy, Metrics, Project/Programme Management
Target audience: Those interested in how to radiate progress information from a scrum, how to interpret information from multiple scrums and how to coordinate major programmes with complex business goals using scrum-generated data. Scrum Masters, Project/Programme Managers, Agile Practitioners, Development Managers, CIOs, CTOs.

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Andy Carmichael, Challenging large organisations to improve agility

Andy Carmichael

Biography: Andy Carmichael

Andy is an experienced agile coach, consultant and manager with over 10 years' practical application of agile methods. Currently Lead Scrum Master on Centrica's Catalyst programme, he is responsible for coordinating multiple scrums in a major change initiative, one of several large agile transformations he has contributed to, including those at BT and Ericsson. Having participated in agile processes, especially FDD and Scrum, since their early days, he currently focuses on scaling agile to the enterprise, and the tools and metrics to enable it. His publications include "Better Software Faster", Prentice-Hall (2002), a guide to a "one model" approach to agile development.

Books: Better Software Faster,Developing Business Objects (SIGS: Managing Object Technology),Object Development Methods (SIGS: Advances in Object Technology)