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Workshop: "PhoneGap Fast Forward"

Track: Training: Front-end Development / Time: Thursday 13:00 - 16:00 / Location: 1.1, University of Aarhus, Building 1421

PhoneGap, an open source platform that makes building mobile applications easy with HTML and JavaScript skills most web developers already possess. Using PhoneGap, web developers can use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to access native device features like accelerometer, contacts, camera and geolocation.

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to combine your HTML/JavaScript skills with PhoneGap to build applications for multiple mobile platforms. We will look at authoring raw JavaScript targeting HTML5 and Device APIs. Then we'll have a look at some popular frameworks including: XUI, Lawnchair, jqTouch, Sencha, jQuery Mobile and Jo.

Brian LeRoux, Mobile web nerd working on PhoneGap.

Brian LeRoux

Biography: Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux is the lead software architect at Nitobi Inc. where he focuses on delivering web and mobile apps and helping developers all over the world write their apps. He is a contributor to the popular PhoneGap open source framework and is the creator of XUI and Lawnchair. Suffice to say, Brian believes that the future of the Web is mobile and will depend on web standards, open source and hackers, like you.