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Presentation: "XQuery - The GSD (Getting Stuff Done) language"

Track: Solution Track / Time: Wednesday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Lille Sal, BORA BORA

One of the hidden gems of the XML technology milieu is XQuery ... even if XML is not your thing (for example you work only with JSON) I will show you how XQuery is especially adept and super fast in terms of pure web development. And if you do happen to have a lot of XML I will also demonstrate how this concise, small data orientated language can result in serious productivity gains over other programming languages. XQuery is available today on the server, in the browser (mobile devices) and large deployments in both commercial and open source environments.

This talk will present both anecdotal and evidence based analysis showing how using XQuery can result in quicker development times over other programming languages when applied to the right scenarios and will try to help give a starting point to those wishing to investigate this extremely powerful little language.

Keywords: Web Backend, Productivity, XML, XML Database, Textual Analytics

Target Audience: Architects, Senior Programmers, Project Managers


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Jim Fuller, MarkLogic

Jim Fuller

Biography: Jim Fuller

Jim Fuller is a Principle Consultant working for MarkLogic in Europe, based in the Czech Republic. He works with an incredibly talented team of people creating solutions using the super fast MarkLogic XML Database server (2009, 2010, 2011 CODiE winner) .

Jim has been a professional developer working with several software blue-chip companies in both his native USA and Europe for a 'long' time. He has co-written a few technology-related books and regularly speaks and writes articles focusing on XML technologies. He is a founding committee member for XML Prague and was in the gang responsible for EXSLT and is also an invited expert to the W3C XML Processing WG.
Twitter: @xquery