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Presentation: "PhoneGap 2.0 Dev and 3.0 Roadmap"

Track: Mobile cross-platform, testing and tools / Time: Tuesday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Rytmisk Sal, Musikhuset

Mobile is on the rise, and with it comes mobile web technology. The past year has seen tremendous adoption of the free/open source PhoneGap project with over 1 million downloads. In this talk, Brian will demonstrate how to quickly build a mobile application using PhoneGap, how it all works under the hood, and where the project is going in the coming year.

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Brian LeRoux, PhoneGap project team, Adobe

Brian LeRoux

Biography: Brian LeRoux

Brian LeRoux leads the open source PhoneGap project team at Adobe (currently undergoing incubation as Apache Cordova). He's been with the PhoneGap project from its very humble beginnings at Nitobi Software.