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Presentation: "Enhanced Front-end Applications in AngularJS 1.3"

Track: Enterprise Architecture - Day 2 / Time: Tuesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Lille Sal

AngularJS 1.3 comes forth with a slew of nice new features. The use
of these new features can really improve your application and code quality.
Let’s explore these new features and make the most of our front-end code.

In this presentation, Matias will cover various advanced aspects of AngularJS brought forth in 1.3. He will explain effective levels of code reuse, powerful new features in forms and ngAnimate, advanced uses of directives/templates, debugging tricks and testing and Protractor.

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Matias Niemelä, Core Developer on Angular JS Team

Matias Niemelä

Biography: Matias Niemelä

Matias Niemelä is a core developer on the AngularJS project working primarily on animations, tutorials and documentation as well as core-level contributions. While not working on AngularJS, Matias raises the bar on tech blogging via his website He also performs speaking engagements, attends meetups and hosts pair programming tutoring sessions. He lives in Toronto and has over 10 years of solid full-stack web development experience.

Twitter: @yearofmoo