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Presentation: "Look, no Mocks! Functional TDD with F#"

Track: Microsoft Technologies / Time: Monday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Kammersalen

Test-Driven Development (TDD) is supposed to be about feedback, but a recent criticism has been that it tends to cause 'test-induced damage', because the design resulting from TDD is worse than an alternative design one could produce without kowtowing to testability.

The counter-argument is that this may indicate a failure in API design, rather than a failure on the part of the TDD process.

Often, the problem with TDD is an over-reliance on Mocks, which again causes an over-emphasis on mutation. Functional Programming, with its emphasis on immutability, can help significantly pull the tests away from relying on Mocks, leading to a better overall design, and more maintainable unit tests.

This session uses F# to demonstrate how to use Functional design with TDD
to remove the need for Mock objects.

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Mark Seemann, Creator of AutoFixture; author of Dependency Injection in .NET

Mark Seemann

Biography: Mark Seemann

Mark Seemann is the inventor of AutoFixture and the author of "Dependency Injection in .NET". He is a professional software developer and architect living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently an independent advisor. He enjoys reading, drawing, playing the guitar, good wine, and gourmet food.