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Presentation: "Riak to the Rescue - Migrating Big Data at Meltwater"

Track: Case Studies / Time: Monday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: 2nd Floor Balcony, Musikhuset

Back in 2012, Meltwater replaced a search engine prototype that sneaked into production, based on HBase/Katta, with a proper solution based on Elasticsearch and Riak. At the same time we continued serving 3000 customers and indexing 100M social media posts a day. I will be talking about the lessons we learned as a growing startup, the monitoring tools we got to use and love, and the operational stability of riak. And then I will tell you about how we built the largest ringsize basho has ever heard of - totally by accident.

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Sebastian Geidies, Senior Manager SaaS Operations Meltwater Group

Sebastian Geidies

Biography: Sebastian Geidies

Sebastian is the Managing Engineer for SaaS Operations at Meltwater. Meltwater offers a specialised search engine for online news and social media, build on top of lucene and riak. Prior to taking responsibility for the servers at meltwater, he was a Developer, Support Engineer and unsuccessful Sales Rep. Seb holds a degree in Protestant Theology and lives in Berlin. During his spare time, he is kept busy by two teenage kids and the perks of rebuilding a 120 year old farmhouse.

Twitter: @geidies