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Workshop: "Build a SPA in Just One Day"

Track: Training / Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: UNI Faculty Club

Most web technologies developed in the past had only one purpose: to offer the users a great experience, mimicking the one you normally get from desktop applications. One way of developing those kind of applications that emerged 2012 is Single Page Applications (SPA).

In SPA everything fits in more or less on one single web page. In this workshop we will develop a SPA from scratch using Angular.js and Breeze.js. The resulting application will be yours to take home and to continue work and learn from it.

For best experience I recommend that you bring your own device with Visual Studio 2012+, WebMatrix, or WebStorm installed on it, although any text editor (vi included) will do.

Tiberiu Covaci, IT Advisor, Mentor and Trainer

Tiberiu Covaci

Biography: Tiberiu Covaci

Tiberiu is a member of the ASP Insider and Telerik Insider groups, IASA Speaker & Trainer, INETA Speaker and Country Lead, founding member of IASA Sweden and IASA Romania, and former member of the MCT Advisory Council.

Tibi works closely with Microsoft as member of the Developer Guidance Council, course Author, and Technology Reviewer for the Microsoft .NET Official Curriculum courses. Tibi is the founder of Many-core, a company that trained and mentored developers and architects around the world to understand the .NET Framework and the technologies built on top of .NET.

A popular speaker at conferences in his native Romania, Sweden, USA and more, Tibi is interested in technologies like ASP.NET (WebForms, MVC, WebApi), multi-core and asynchronous programming, new programming languages and trends.

For his passion and contributions Microsoft and Telerik awarded Tibi the MVP title.