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Presentation: "CQRS in practice – Seven-league boots or just a fairy tale?"

Track: Architecture / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Amsterdam Room

With growing communities and on-line activity, applications need to cope with problems related to concurrency and scalability. Two years ago, CQRS –the result of combining several proven best practices- emerged as an architectural pattern to address these problems.

In this talk, Allard will explain how CQRS based architectures address not only concurrency and scalability problems, but also how this pattern supports the developers’ everlasting battle against complexity. The outcome of the session will result in insight in both the opportunities and threats in applying CQRS, based on very practical and down-to-earth scenarios.

Target Audience: Developers, Architects and Technical Managers, or anyone interested in a practical view on CQRS.

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Allard Buijze, Software Architect at Dutchworks

Allard Buijze

Biography: Allard Buijze

Allard Buijze is software architect at Dutchworks, a Dutch company that delivers software development, consultancy and training services to both national and international organizations. As an architect, he is responsible for the technical choices in his projects and investigates technologies for their potential in the diversity of projects Dutchworks does. For the last decade, he has been developing and designing enterprise applications for both large-scale and smaller projects. His focus has always been on clean application design, maintainability and testing. The training of co-developers is a very important part thereof.

Allard has given several trainings in the areas of test driven development, application design and clean coding. He strongly believes that good craftsmanship can only be achieved through continuous and intensive exchange of experience with others. One of his initiatives herein is the founding of the Domain Driven Design Netherlands User Group (DDD-NL). This user group organizes meetings and presentation where members share their experience and knowledge in DDD and related areas.

The last years, he has been investigating and applying CQRS to a number of projects. As a result, he created the Axon Framework, an open source Java framework that helps developers create scalable and extensible applications by providing the building blocks that CQRS based infrastructures typically require. Axon has a growing community and has already been successfully introduced in several projects around the world.