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Presentation: "Data driven applications based on Apache projects"

Track: Apache / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Volmer Rooms

Storing ever growing amounts of data is getting cheaper each year. Building great applications requires data driven application design: Starting with clear guidelines on which data to gather, building new features based on usage data up to discovering deficiencies based on implicit user feedback.

Several projects at the ASF make it possible to jump start your data driven applications with existing projects for data analysis, search, storage and data mining. This talk shows how to combine the various tools, helps with understanding what pigs, elephants and mahouts can do for you.

Keywords: data mining, machine learning, data analysis, hadoop, mahout, lucene
Target Audience: should be somewhat knowledgeable in hadoop, can be beginner in data mining/analytics

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Isabel Drost, Organiser of the Apache Hadoop Get Together in Berlin

Isabel Drost

Biography: Isabel Drost

Isabel Drost is member of the Apache Software Foundation. She is organiser of the Apache Hadoop Get Together in Berlin, was co-organiser of the first European NoSQL meetup as well as the Berlin Buzzwords conference. She co-founded Apache Mahout and is active Apache Mahout committer. Isabel is actively engaged with communities of various Apache projects, e.g. Apache Lucene and Apache Hadoop. She is regular speaker at renown conferences on topics related to free software development, scalability, Apache Lucene, Apache Hadoop and Apache Mahout.

Twitter: @MaineC