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Presentation: "Going full circle: Writing software in the browser with Cloud9 IDE"

Track: Browser as a Platform / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Amsterdam Room

We have come full circle. We can now write our software entirely in the browser. Think google docs, for software development. In this talk i want to go through what is and will be possible when we move software development into the browser. Cloud hosting, collaboration and accessible everywhere. Cloud9 IDE is a complex web-application written with HTML5 and Node.JS technologies, and as developers we are using Cloud9 to create Cloud9 itself. For the more advanced developers i will also briefly dive into the technology and systems behind the IDE that make all this possible.

Keywords: Cloud9 IDE, Node.JS, HTML5, software development, cloud, collaboration
Target Audience: (Web) Software Developers, Architects and managers interested in developer infrastructure.

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Rik Arends, CTO at Cloud9 IDE

Rik Arends

Biography: Rik Arends

Rik Arends is co-founder and CTO of Cloud9 IDE, Inc (previously Early to recognise te shift between compiled and dynamic languages, he worked on language transcompilers, in-browser graphics, optimized API designs, NoSQL database architecture and high performance webservice driven applications. As an early believer of the browser as the winning application runtime, Rik focussed his career on making the web a better place for developers. Rik now oversees the technical vision and development of Cloud9 IDE.

Twitter: @rikarends