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Presentation: "HBase Deploys"

Track: Apache / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Volmer Rooms

HBase has seen some interesting deploys of late whether its Yahoo! hosting a copy of the Bing crawl (on a thousand node cluster) or Facebook real-time analytics' taking millions of hits a second. In this talk we will review notable cases of HBase in production and give an update on the current state of "Realtime" Hadoop.

Keywords: hbase, hadoop, apache, big data
Target Audience: Folks interested in big data deploys. This is not a deep technical talk.

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Michael Stack, Chair of the Apache HBase project & member of Hadoop PMC

Michael Stack

Biography: Michael Stack

Chair of the Apache HBase project and member of Hadoop PMC. Engineer at Stumbleupon in San Francisco, California.

Twitter: @saintstack