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Workshop: "Introduction to Enterprise Search with Apache Lucene"

Track: Training: Apache / Time: Saturday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Season's Room

The course aims to provide a solid foundation in Enterprise Search concepts starting with the Apache Lucene basics and internals through to best-practices and basic Information Retrieval.  The objective is at the end of the training the delegate will have a deep understanding how Apache Lucene works and attendees have the ability to reliably analyse, understand and solve common and ready to build state of the art Enterprise Search Applications.

The day will cover amongst other more, an overview of Apache Lucene’s key features and limitations, key APIs and concepts, Apache Lucene under the hood, Hands-On lab Indexing and Searching, Apache Lucene performance factors and a brief introduction of upcoming features in Apache Lucene.

Target audience:
Software Engineers and Developers looking to complement their knowledge and skill-set, System Administrators that need to understand the internal and performance factors of Apache Lucene,Technical Managers that need a solid background to understand limitations and features for successful project management.

Some programming skills and experience with an object oriented programming languages such as Java, C++, .NET or Python, is helpful but not required to attend.

Simon Willnauer, Dutchworks

Simon Willnauer

Biography: Simon Willnauer

Simon is a core committer, PMC member as well as the PMC Chair of Apache Lucene. During the last couple of years he worked on design and implementation of scalable software systems and search infrastructure.
He studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciene Berlin. Currently, he works as a fulltime Lucene & Solr hacker and is a co-founder of the "BerlinBuzzwords" conference on Scalability June [2010, 2011, ...] in Berlin (Germany).

Twitter: @s1m0nw