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Presentation: "Titanic, COBOL and the 100 year platform"

Track: JVM / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Grand Ballroom

The Java ecosystem is experiencing an interesting time, both with large technical changes but also a changed political landscape. Oracle is a very different company than Sun, and that's been obvious from such things as how the Java Community Process has been handled, and also in interactions with projects such as Hudson and Android. So is Java still relevant? Is it the platform or the language we are interested in, and what will have to be done to future proof these technologies? This presentation will take a critical look at both the technical and political landscape of Java, and also look at what kind of changes in process might be necessary. You will leave knowing a bit better what might be coming next, and how it will impact you.

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Ola Bini, Language Geek

Ola Bini

Biography: Ola Bini

Ola Bini works as a language geek for ThoughtWorks in Chicago. He is from Sweden but don't hold that against him. He is one of the JRuby core developers and have been involved in JRuby development since 2006. At one point in time, Ola got tired of all existing programming languages and decided to create his own, called Ioke. Then he did it again, and started work on Seph. He has written a book called Practical JRuby on Rails Projects for APress, and coauthered Using JRuby for the Pragmatic Programmers, talked at numerous conferences, and contributed to a large amount of open source projects. He is also a member of the JSR292 Expert Group

His main passion lies in expression engines and trying to figure out how to create good YAML parsers.

Book:Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects: Bringing Ruby on Rails to Java (Expert's Voice in Java)
Twitter: @olabini
Video presentations: Adopting the JVM, Domain Specific Languages - What, Why, How, Evolving the Java Platform, JRuby: Power on the JVM