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Presentation: "How to innovate, grow & monetize - learnings from HD"

Track: Designing & Coding For Tablets / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Keurzaal is the biggest Dutch news website. is always innovating, and aims to be present at as many screens as possible. So before the first iPad was even shipped to the Netherlands, Sanoma Media already developed an iPad App. Our App was the number one most downloaded iPad app in the Netherlands in 2011.

We are the dominant online news brand in the Netherlands because of our focus on what works best for this medium. But mobile is a completely different environment. With developing 6 apps in 2 years, we learned a lot. About development, but also about monetization.

In this talk I would like to focus on

  • What works best on a tablet, and what does not
  • How to handle the monetization of shifting pageviews
  • How to move forward in the developing tablet market

Keywords: Mobile strategy, mobile development, mCommerce
Target Audience: Developers and decision makers curious about results and findings to apply to their own tablet & mobile strategy

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Brechtje de Leij, Sanoma Media

Brechtje de Leij

Biography: Brechtje de Leij

Brechtje de Leij works at Sanoma Media and is responsible for the mobile strategy and development of, the number one Dutch online news site. Brechtje has over 10 years of experience in online product management, previously working for the eCommerce company Greetz, social & mobile media company Mobillion and for Reed Elsevier.

Twitter: @brechtjedeleij