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Presentation: "Introduction to concurrency (and data structures) in Clojure"

Track: Parallel Languages / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Berlage Zaal

Clojure is a fairly young functional programming language targeting the JVM (JavaScript and CLR). Its design goals are simplicity and user empowerment, while remaining practical in terms of performance, productivity and interoperability with the host platform.

While there is much to be said about Clojure and it's ecosystem, this talk focuses on Clojure's concurrency model which combines pure functions and persistent data structures with the concept of managed references. We'll discuss managed references, including vars, refs (STM), agents and atoms. We'll also look a bit deeper at the persistent data structures, the "magic sauce" makes this model feasible performance-wise.

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Karl Krukow, Clojure hacker

Karl Krukow

Biography: Karl Krukow

Karl Krukow is tech. lead on iOS test automation at LessPainful and a Trifork software pilot. He graduated as a PhD student from University of Aarhus in 2006 with a thesis in computer science. Karl has several years experience with iOS development and has previously been working with Web technologies like JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, restful webservices, Java Enterprise consulting, teaching and conferences. His current professional passion is iOS automation and the Clojure programming language.

Twitter: @karlkrukow