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Presentation: "Server Login Considered Harmful"

Track: Private Clouds / Time: Thursday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Glazen Zaal

Inspired by Patrick Debois' presentation last year on DevOps we decided that, as developers, we could put on our Ops hats so that we could keep our server configurations DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself).

In the last year we have used both puppet and chef, two relatively new configuration management tools. Together we've set up a server and some development virtual machines using Vagrant and Puppet for a startup. Vagrant makes it easy to create virtual machines from chef/ puppet scripts and destroy them at will. Willem is also using Chef to create a deployment pipeline at the Dutch national archive.

While doing this, we learnt that each time we logged in to our servers, we were building up technical dept for our configuration management. Hence 'Server login considered harmful'. We use Vagrant to keep ourselves honest: as long as we can't recreate a server completely from our scripts, we are not done.

Come to this presentation to learn from our DevOps mistakes and successes, see if you can benefit from the tools we use, and if you also have experience, there is room to exchange ideas.

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Willem van den Ende, Independent Consultant

Willem van den Ende

Biography: Willem van den Ende

Willem van den Ende is a Dutch eXtreme Programming pioneer. Since 1999 he guides organisations in the introduction of agile software development as an all-hands person: coach, developer, and facilitator. Always active in the local and international community, he currently serves as board member of the Agile Alliance, host of and the European Agile Open conferences. Willem is an appreciated workshop facilitator at practitioners' conferences like XP(Day), Software Practice Advancement, and Agile200*.

Willem's sharp vision, broad knowledge, and twenty years of experience as programmer and coach enable him to adopt a very flexible and improvising attitude during workshops. He has the ability to let people see things differently.

Twitter: @mostalive