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Presentation: "The Future of the Mobile Web"

Track: Architecture War Stories / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Glazen Zaal

By now everybody understands that their websites should work on mobile phones. In addition, the web apps vs. native apps discussion is showing that web technologies can play a further role in the mobile ecosystem.

Thus, there is no question that mobile web technologies are here to stay.

This session takes a peek into the future to see how web technologies on mobile will evolve way beyond websites and web apps. It will discuss JSON over SMS, the future of app stores, and other web-related issues that will become visible in the next three years or so.

Keywords: mobile web, json, sms, smartphones, feature phones
Target Audience: business, developers

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Peter-Paul Koch, Mobile Platform Strategist, Consultant & Trainer

Peter-Paul Koch

Biography: Peter-Paul Koch

Peter-Paul Koch is a mobile platform strategist, consultant, and trainer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He specialises in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and browser compatibility.

He has won international renown with his browser compatibility research, frequently speaks at conferences, has founded Fronteers, the Dutch association of front-end professionals, and advises mobile and desktop browser vendors on their implementation of Web standards.

In 2009 he shifted from traditional desktop browsers and sites to the mobile web, and he never looked back. He discovered that mobile devices and browsers are in even more need of description than their desktop counterparts, and set himself to the task. On the Web he is universally known as ppk.

Currently he has about twenty mobile phones lying around on his desk. The one thing he never does with any of these phones is make a phone call.

Twitter: @ppk