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Presentation: "You've built your application, so what next?"

Track: Cool Companies / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Berlage Zaal

We all have that Eureka moment when we build a product or feature that is wildly successful. The next challenge however, is to scale it - and very quickly. In this talk we will cover the basic traps of scaling using the current infrastructure stack and how technologies like MongoDB, the leader in the NoSQL market, can be used to scale on-demand your data persistence and caching layer.

There is an opportunity for a small break out session with 10gen & Orange11 in the Glazenzaal right after this talk.

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Alvin Richards, EMEA Technical Director at 10gen

Alvin Richards

Biography: Alvin Richards

Alvin is Senior Technical Director for 10gen/MongoDB in Europe. He has held leadership positions at Oracle and NetApp as well as several startups in the Archiving, SaaS and Java instrumentation domains. With 20+ years of combined experience in these areas, what he most enjoys is building cool products, great teams and challenging the status quo. Alvin earned separate degrees in Computer Science and Photography from Thames Valley and Nottingham Trent Universities in the UK.

Twitter: @jonnyeight