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Presentation: "iOS Performance Tuning with Instruments"

Track: Designing & Coding For Tablets / Time: Friday 10:20 - 11:10 / Location: Keurzaal

Responsiveness is critical to the success of your iOS app. When someone starts an app they typically need the information right away. The less they have to wait the happier they will be. But, optimizing an app without data is a loosing proposition. To know where to optimize you need to know where the hot spots are.

In this session we will learn how to use Instruments to find and fix performance bottle necks. We'll look at three critical areas:

  • Startup time
  • Memory Usage
  • Scrolling & Graphics Performance

These three areas of performance analysis and improvement are critical to the success of any app. Come to this session and learn the to make your app fly!

Keywords: iOS, iPad, iPhone, performance
Target Audience: iOS Developers

Bill Dudney, co-Author of iOS SDK Development & Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone

Bill Dudney

Biography: Bill Dudney

Bill Dudney is a software developer and entrepreneur currently building software for iOS and Mac OS X. He's a co-author of Pragmatic Programmer's books iOS SDK Development and Core Animation for Mac OS X and the iPhone. Prior to teaching, Bill worked at Apple as the Application Frameworks Evangelist where he helped many developers with good apps build great apps. He has several iPhone apps currently selling on the App Store.

Twitter: @bdudney