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Presentation: "Situational Thinking"

Track: Mobile / Time: Wednesday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Veilingzaal

In this talk we will explore how we can design and build a product that both fits your user's worlds and goes in the direction you want it to go. The trick is to listen to your users (by applying Situational Thinking) and to listen to your own gut feeling and ideas (Product Vision). Well-designed applications have a good balance between these 2 approaches.

Samantha Hosea, UX Researcher & Agile Enthusiast

Samantha Hosea

Biography: Samantha Hosea

I want to facilitate you in making the choices that fit best with you, your product and your end user. I do this by involving your end user in ways you never thought possible. By doing that, you can learn from them what works and what doesn't work, instead of guessing at it. I combine my background in Design for Interaction and ux research with my focus on Lean and Agile. With this, I want to support you in collecting the things you need to know instead of guess. In my action against assumptions, I want to show you how much genuine people who use your product can surprise you.

Twitter: @Samantha_Hosea