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Solr Administrator training (1 day)


Next to our 2-day Solr & Lucene developer training, Trifork can also organize a 1-day training session about Apache Solr that is targetted towards Administrators. It's an in-depth instructor-led training course with hands-on problem labs and case-discussion held by active Lucene & Solr committers and contributors.
The course aims to provide a solid foundation in Enterprise Search concepts, starting with Apache Lucene & Apache Solr concepts. During and after the training hours there will be time for discussions as well as attendee case-studies. At the end of the training you will have a deep understanding of the core concepts and architecture of Solr, you will be able to setup a scaling system using replication and sharding and have knowledge on how to administer Solr.

Course Contents
Since we believe that to successfully administer Enterprise Search Applications with Apache Solr it is essential to have some understanding of the foundations of Lucene & Solr, we start with that. Thereafter, we'll discuss scaling and lastly cover some more practical ways of administering Solr.
Part 1 - Foundation

  • Solr introduction
  • Search / Lucene concepts
  • Solr architecture

Part 2 - Scaling

  • Replication
  • Distributed search / sharding

Part 3 - Administrating Solr

  • Logging
  • Indexing data

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