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Presentation: "Conquering Time with Functional Reactive Programming"

Track: What's up in the Browser World? / Time: Friday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Administratiezaal

In this talk I will show how to transform and manipulate events happening in different moments in time the same way that we transform Arrays or normal sequences, by using Functional Reactive Programming in JavaScript. This will allow us to unite synchronous and asynchronous code in a way that will help us reason about complex code and build applications that are powerful, reliable and simple to understand.

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Sergi Mansilla, Firefox OS

Sergi Mansilla

Biography: Sergi Mansilla

I work at Comoyo on Firefox OS core, I also evangelize and organize events around it. Before that I worked at Cloud9 IDE making an online IDE entirely in Node.js and JavaScript, and before that I lead the team that implemented the webkit framework that run the UIs in modern TomTom devices.

I prefer functional languages, but I try to treat languages as tools, some are better at the task at hand that others. My tools of trade are vim, JavaScript and OCaml. I live in Amsterdam but I am from Barcelona. In Amsterdam I am the organizer of the monthly AmsterdamJS meetup.

Twitter: @sergimansilla