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Presentation: "Invest in the Future: Build for the Web!"

Track: What's up in the Browser World? / Time: Friday 13:20 - 14:10 / Location: Administratiezaal

How many times have you been confronted with a pop up urging you to download the app for a website? What about getting a new phone and having to find new apps for each of your needs because it's a different platform? Isn't that frustrating and a waste of time?

Likewise, how many times have you put your fantastic new native app in the market, only to be asked when would the version for The Other Platform be released? How often have you invested in a technology, only for it to be discontinued after a few months? Isn't that frustrating and a waste of time too?

Imagine a future where the same code runs in your computer, phone and tablet. Where deployment is fast, and debugging occurs instantly. Where your clients can enjoy your product anywhere and don't have to learn a new interaction model per device. Imagine a future that you can shape.

This future is called the web, and it's already happening. Want to join?

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Soledad Penadés, Troublemaker & GIF Hacktivist at Mozilla

Soledad Penadés

Biography: Soledad Penadés

Soledad works at Mozilla's Apps Engineering team, building and helping people build apps with projects such as X-Tag, Brick and Mortar.

Twitter: @supersole