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Presentation: "Java and RDBMS; Married with Issues"

Track: Solutions Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Keurzaal

Relational databases are experts at maintaining data integrity. With the current trend of the application layer adopting functions that are traditionally left to databases, we barely make use of this strength. While frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate do offer some support, we still lack a solution that takes full advantage of the relational database.
In this presentation Jeroen will demonstrate how to properly recover from database constraint violations and how to prevent persisting data that does not fit the column restrictions.

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Jeroen van Schagen, Senior Java Developer at

Jeroen van Schagen

Biography: Jeroen van Schagen

Jeroen is an open-source enthusiast and blogger, working as a Senior Software Developer at 42. His main interest is Java backend development, primarily integrating Java applications with relational databases. He is the creator of JaRB, which acts as a bridge between Java and the database, solving a number of traditional issues. With a focus on Agile development and clean code, he has led and delivered a wide variety of projects in the past five years. He believes that code should be simple. Frameworks such as Spring and Hibernate greatly contribute to writing simpler code, allowing us to focus more on the actual domain problems.

Twitter: @jeroenvschagen