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Presentation: "Teaching & Learning with Lego (Toys)"

Track: Computer Literacy / Time: Thursday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Administratiezaal

Most of the information in our brain is and remains unconscious. It is not easy to access - neither for us nor for others. When reflecting about a topic, only single aspects get our attention. Especially when it comes to complex challenges, it is often difficult to grasp the challenge as a whole or to focus on all its various aspects (soft facts, technology, interdependencies, interfaces,...)

The playful apporach with haptic materials such as LEGO® provides an effective solution: While creating a real model with our hands, our mind starts to create a model as well. Links between different elements get clearer and clearer. At the end, the model enables us to tell a coherent story about the topic. The physical model is a mirror of the model in our mind. It contains our ideas as metaphors and helps us to express abstract thoughts and complex interdependencies. The bricks are the anchors that help us to see the whole.

We can also use the model to test ideas, different variants and the impact of changes to existing approaches. This simulation of concrete or abtract contingencies enhances our knowledge of the system in question and fosters continuous learning about the system and its environment.

In this session you will get an idea on

  • how research on play and learning improves your own learning capability
  • how you can tackle complex or "wicked" challenges using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® materials and methodology
  • how to develop more fun while learning

Jan Gentsch, Agile Coach at Holisticon AG

Jan Gentsch

Biography: Jan Gentsch

Jan is a project manager and an expert in blending agile and traditional approaches to software management and development. Supporting teams and organisations of all sizes on their quest of improving and adapting new ways of working, he comes equipped with a good sense of humor and Lego® as needed.

Twitter: @jang_ac93

Julia Dellnitz, Co-Founder of Learnical GbR

Julia Dellnitz

Biography: Julia Dellnitz

Julia creates playful and interactive learning formats. Her passion is to support experts in developing and implementing innovative (IT-) products and processes. She has managed large change and IT implementation initiatives over the last decade and trained over 3500 people - especially in international contexts.

Twitter: @learnical