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Presentation: "What makes Groovy groovy?"

Track: JVM / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Administratiezaal

Groovy is not a newcomer in the arena of alternative languages for the JVM. But with over 3 million downloads a year, it's clearly ahead of the pack.

And what makes it a great choice for your projects?

  • a flat learning curve for Java developers
  • its seamless Java integration where you can mix & mash Groovy & Java together
  • a malleable & concise syntax fit for Domain-Specific Languages
  • an interesting take on type safety
  • its rich ecosystem of projects: Grails, Gradle, GPars, Spock, Griffon, Geb...

In this session, we'll see how this all fits together in the big Groovy picture, when and where you can use Groovy, and how you can take advantage of Groovy for boosting your productivity!

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Guillaume Laforge, Groovy Project Manager

Guillaume Laforge

Biography: Guillaume Laforge

As Head of Groovy Development for SpringSource, Guillaume Laforge is the official Groovy Project Manager, and the spec lead of JSR-241, the Java Specification Request that standardizes the Groovy dynamic language. He is also a frequent conference speaker presenting Groovy and Grails at JavaOne, SpringOne, QCon, the Sun TechDays, and JavaPolis.

Guillaume also co-authored Groovy in Action along with Dierk König. Before founding G2One, which was acquired by SpringSource in late 2008, and taking the role of VP Technology, Guillaume worked for OCTO Technology, a consultancy focusing on architecture and agile methodologies.

While at OCTO, Guillaume developed new offerings around Groovy and Grails for its customers.

Twitter: @glaforge