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Workshop: "Two-Factor Authentication for Developers"

Track: Training / Time: Wednesday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Room 6

Just a few years ago, it was rare for end-users and developers to know about two-factor authentication. With implementations by big names such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dropbox, two-factor authentication is now being used by all sorts of users and not just enterprise and government employees. With increasing pressure to prevent stolen passwords from allowing security breaches to occur, small and large businesses alike are quickly moving to integrate and deploy two-factor solutions.

This workshop will provide insight into what two-factor authentication is, how it works, who uses it, and how to implement it. By leveraging both WebSDK libraries and a REST API, attendees will be able to leave the class having actually integrated two-factor authentication into sample web applications.

If you have wanted to learn about this in-demand technology or have a need to be able to build two-factor into your company's web applications, this class will get you on a path to success. Participants are highly encouraged to have experience building web applications (Ruby and PHP will be discussed) and a working knowledge of information security.

Mark Stanislav, Security Evangelist for Duo Security

Mark Stanislav

Biography: Mark Stanislav

Mark Stanislav is the Security Evangelist for Duo Security. Mark earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Networking & IT Administration and his Master of Science Degree in Technology Studies, focused on Information Assurance, both from Eastern Michigan University. Mark has spoken at over 75 events nationally on topics including information security, web application development, and system administration. He holds his CISSP, Security+, Linux+, and CCSK certifications.

Twitter: @markstanislav

Zach Lanier, Senior Security Researcher at Duo Security

Zach Lanier

Biography: Zach Lanier

Zach Lanier is a Senior Security Researcher at Duo Security. He has been researching mobile and embedded device security since 2009, ranging from app security, to platform security (especially Android); to device, network, and carrier security. He has presented at various public and private industry conferences, such as BlackHat, DEFCON, ShmooCon, RSA, Amazon ZonCon, and more. He is also a co-author of the upcoming "Android Hacker's Handbook" (published by Wiley).

Twitter: @quine