GOTO Amsterdam is a vendor independent international software development conference with more that 50 top speaker and 500 attendees. The conference covers topics such as Java, Open Source, Agile, Architecture, Design, Web, Cloud, New Languages and Processes.

Said about GOTO Amsterdam

GOTO Amsterdam 2013 exceeded all expectations...

  ....Especially since we beat the record of having another conference with the hottest temperatures again!

  • We were with 440 delegates mingling around the beautiful historic building, the Beurs van Berlage has to offer.
  • We had amazing speakers, Linda Rising, Martin Fowler, Erik Meijer, Dave Thomas and many rockstars who made sure the content of the conference was well taken care off.
  • The sponsors were very creative and they arranged enough entertainment, that we had good coffee, delicious waffles and healthy juices!

And here are some of the reactions we received on Twitter:

  • Gerben Jacobs ‏@gerbenjacobs: What I walked away with from #GOTOams: Ppl, not processes. Bizz value first (MVP), Simplicity. Don't make games! (?), Aim 4 a better world.
  • Russ Miles ‏@russmiles: Goodbye #gotoams ; once again an excellent conference and a real honour to have been part of the proceedings!
  • Zilverline ‏@Zilverline: Thanks! @gotoamst @BeursVanBerlage & @triforkams for the great organisation of #gotoams. It was fantastic! #service #teamwork
  • Jeroen Rosenberg ‏@jeroenrosenberg: Can't believe #gotoams is already over. It was great fun again guys!
  • Freek Leemhuis ‏@freekl: Went to goto and it was not harmfull at all. Thx @gotoamst for another well organized edition!
  • Friso Schutte ‏@frisito: Today I heard the phrase "Kindergarden programming" for the first time at the excellent talk bij Erik Meijer #gotoams
  • Linda van der Pal ‏@DuchessFounder: Lovely day at #gotoams, spoke to a lot of people both known and unknown. And the collect-a-stamp-card made me go and speak to all vendors.
  • Fred Verheul ‏@fredverheul: Wow! Beer is being served at #gotoams even before the closing keynote. Take note @sapteched! This is Amsterdam, expecting the same in Nov; )
  • Ellen Friedman ‏@Ellen_Friedman: #gotoams Conference for developers in Amsterdam this week- well organized, friendly staff, cool meeting place #bigdata
  • Ian Hughes/epredator ‏@epredator: corporate managers would run a mile if they heard @lindarising speak. Leftovers in measurement and incentives from Taylorism #gotoams

GOTO Amsterdam 2012 was hot hot hot… 

             … in more ways that’s for sure. A quick low-down:

  • We had scorching temperatures of above 25C, pretty warm when mingling with around 300 delegates indoors!
  • All the speakers were on top form and delivered fantastic presentations (Available online via the website)
  • The Mind Flex game at the joint Orange11 & MongoDB stand was very popular
  • Beurs van Berlage certainly impressed pretty much everyone that attended
  • View from the conference party location; Double Tree Hilton was simply breathtaking. 

Some Tweets:

  • Anne Veling, @annevelin:#gotoams exceeded my expectations : great content, great people #thanks
  • Cees de Groot, @cdegroot: Yup. Most impressive Quine ever. … - from #gotoams awesome closing keynote by Kevlin Henney
  • Chris Nodder, @uxgrump: Nothing like having your name on the outside of the building as motivation to deliver an interesting talk #gotoams
  • Francesco Cesarini, @FrancescoC: #gotoams wins the prize for the coolest conference venue (Beurs van Berlage) I've ever presented at!