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Presentation: "Continuous Updating"

Track: Solutions Track / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Estrelsaal C8

Which software libraries in my open source project are outdated and which licenses are they using? When should I update them? Will my tests still run when I’m updating versions? How to do it right? What are the advantages of continuous updating and are there options to automate the process? Robert will give you answers on those and similar questions.

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Robert Reiz, CEO & Founder of VersionEye

Robert Reiz

Biography: Robert Reiz

Robert Reiz is CEO and founder of VersionEye. After finishing his studies, the graduate information scientist founded his first company, the Mannheim-based Java consultancy PLOIN. PLOIN GmbH developed an interactive time-management portal for freelancers which became Robert‘s first successful exit after just a short period of time. Later, a team with Robert as chief architect and managing director built the start-up WildGigs in San Francisco in only one year. His next project was VersionEye which was originally based in San Francisco before Robert moved the headquarters to the start-up metropolis Berlin. He now travels regularly between the locations in the United States and in Germany and leads VersionEye with his international team.

Twitter: @RobertReiz