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Presentation: "Design for times 10 or times 100: How to handle hundreds of millions played games per day."

Track: Solutions Track / Time: Friday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Estrelsaal C8

Pitch: Without buzzwords, a hands on overview of the entire communication, storage and analysis systems that serve over 50 million players daily. How does King handle all traffic and game play data for Candy Crush Saga and all other King games on a tight ship with a less than 500 servers?Spoiler: Keep It Simple …
Contents: Architectural overview, design tips, traffic numbers, hardware learnings, clever (lucky) design choices. Technologies: Java, hadoop, hive, memcached, mysql/nosql, kafka.

Lars Sjödin, Architect Server Systems at King

Lars Sjödin

Biography: Lars Sjödin

Lars is the Architect for server systems at King, the global leader in cross platform casual games. He has been a lead developer and architect since 1998 in various games companies, developing everything from PC and Console games to online games formats. Lars main focus is high performance systems and core architecture, currently for server solutions in java.