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Presentation: "I Quit Being an Agile Coach and Maybe You Should Too"

Track: Beyond Agile / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Paris

Being an Agile Coach (or a Scrum Coach) is a job title that many developers and also non-technical people strive hard to achieve. After 10 years of calling myself "Agile Coach" I decided to leave the title behind - together with some of the advice I used to give. This talk will tell you why my clients are better off now and why you and your clients might profit from a career change too.

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Johannes Link, Independent Consultant

Johannes Link

Biography: Johannes Link

Johannes has been in the field of software development for two decades, one of which he sacrificed to Extreme Programming, Agile Methods, Test-Driven Developmant and other idealistic but mostly futile endeavors. After two years of successfully ruining a start-up company he is now back as self-appointed software therapist, who tries to heal the traumata which he induced in his role of Agile Coach.

Twitter: @Johanneslink