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Workshop: "Modeling the Agile Enterprise: Integrating Business and IT"

Track: Training / Time: Tuesday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Raum 30312

This is an analysis and design workshop. Participants will learn acquire knowledge and experience that can be immediately applied to modeling dynamic complex systems like the modern business enterprise.

The primary demands of business, today, is the ability to quickly innovate and adapt to constantly changing circumstances - the enterprise must be Agile. If IT is to support rather than inhibit the enterprise, it not only needs to be Agile but it must be deeply integrated with the business. This requires a new way of thinking, decomposing, analyzing and modeling the enterprise and IT systems.

The workshop will be divided into four sessions, each with a short break. Each topic in each session will include a team exercise, and each session will end with a team exercise.

Session One: Foundations
A. Systems
B. Decomposing Complex Systems with Objects
C. Everything is an Object
D. Team Exercise: Modeling Systems (either a commercial lines insurance company or a hospital intensive care unit)


Session Two: Modeling Objects
A. Tangible Objects, e.g. Forms
B. Intangible Objects, e.g. Transactions
C. Modeling Relationships
D. Team Exercise - modeling a complex domain

Session Three: Design
A. Making changes
B. Understanding options
C. Scenarios - Business and Design
D. Team Exercise: Scenarios for improvement - system modeled in Session One.

Session Four: IT Specification
A. From Scenarios to User Stories
B. From User Stories to Acceptance Tests
C. Software Objects
D. Team Exercise: Specifying and implementing a scenario

Dave West, Author, Object Thinking

Dave West

Biography: Dave West

Dave West is an independent consultant and mentor in the areas of Design, Agility, and Business-IT integration. His forty year professional career includes programming to Chief Information Officer as well as being a Professor at three universities. He has written or presented over fifty papers and is the author of Object Thinking. He has four books that will appear in late 2013 and early 2014, Object Thinking: Rethought, Design Thinking, The Story (essential for IT and Business Success), and Ars Magna.