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Presentation: "Seeing and touching: your mobile brain"

Track: Visibility, Usability, Graphics / Time: Friday 11:30 - 12:20 / Location: Strassburg

In this talk, Chris will give an overview of how the brain processes visual information, and in what order. She'll demonstrate that the human visual system is fickle and can be tricked, and talk about the implications of this for software design. Chris will also explore the idea that mobile devices have become an extension of our cognitive space, and consider whether it really matters that most of us no longer memorise people's phone numbers. She'll also cover our physical and emotional relationship with phones and other mobile devices, and discuss some of the reasons why we might be so attached to our "outboard brains".

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Chris Atherton, Freelance User Experience Architect, Finite Attention Ltd.

Chris Atherton

Biography: Chris Atherton

Chris Atherton has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and uses her knowledge of psychology to help clients better understand their users and create more effective, usable digital media.

Chris speaks at conferences worldwide about cognitive psychology and attention limits. As well as applying her knowledge to UX and information architecture, Chris has helped shape digital and content strategy, developed concepts for games, websites and learning interventions.

Twitter: @finiteattention