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Presentation: "About Rules and Runners"

Track: Solutions Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 15:50 - 16:40 / Location: Hall 4

Developers are faced with two problems if they write tests with JUnit. The first one is very common: a piece of code that is used by several tests. Test inheritance, test utility classes and even copy-and-paste are the solutions on hand. The second problem is less common: changing parts of JUnits default behaviour. This includes the way how JUnit locates tests and how it handles assertions. It is even possible to define a test with something else but a method.
JUnit provides extension points that solve this problem. This talk will explain them and the way JUnit works in general. It includes examples that point out the power of the extension points and how they support writing beautiful tests.

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Stefan Birkner, Software Developer at idealo

Stefan Birkner

Biography: Stefan Birkner

Stefan is a happy software craftsman who builds software that eases poeple's lives. He likes the adventure of exploring and improving legacy software. Currently he refurbishs the main web application behind

Stefan develops Java applications for many years now, mainly large web applications. He has participated in the development of JUnit the last years and is now a committer. In addition, he maintains a bunch of micro-libraries.

Twitter: @StefanBirkner