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Presentation: "Unleash the Power of the Graph with Structr and Neo4j"

Track: Solutions Track Thursday / Time: Thursday 14:30 - 15:20 / Location: Hall 4

In this talk, Axel will showcase some real-world use cases and projects done with Structr and Neo4j. Structr is an innovative open source Rapid Application Development tool and Data CMS based on the graph database Neo4j. The talk's first part will cover a basic introduction into Structr and how it enhances the capabilities of Neo4j and adds value. The second part will be about projects, their requirements and how they were solved using Structr, and the third and last part will be an outlook for the planned features of Structr and the general roadmap.

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Axel Morgner, Founder & CEO at Structr

Axel Morgner

Biography: Axel Morgner

Axel Morgner, Founder of Structr—a free, open-source CMS and Content Management Framework based on the graph database Neo4j. He previously founded inxire, and was consultant and project manager at Oracle. After leaving the enterprise SQL world behind in 2010, he enjoys now being back to cutting egde technology every day. He’s based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Twitter: @amorgner