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Workshop: "The Seductions of Scala"

Time: Friday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Training 3

I was seduced by the Scala language several years ago. This hands-on tutorial will show you why. We’ll see how Scala fixes many issues with Java’s object model and type system. We’ll learn how its powerful Functional Programming features improve productivity, quality, concurrency, and eliminate many of the common examples of over-engineering seen in typical “enterprise” applications today. Scala is unusually good at supporting Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and its higher-level concurrency features, such as the Akka Actor system, make distributed systems far easier to implement reliably.

Even if you don’t use Scala in your daily work, the ideas you’ll learn will alter the code you write in any language, for the better.

Target Audience

This tutorial will appeal to developers interested in functional programming and new languages on the JVM, especially for building distributed systems.

I will assume that you already know other programming languages and that you are comfortable writing code for this hands-on tutorial. Bring your laptop with Scala V2.10 installed and your favorite text editor or IDE.

Dean Wampler, Big Dataist, O'Reilly Author

Dean Wampler

Biography: Dean Wampler

Dean Wampler is a Principal Consultant for Think Big Analytics, specialists in “Big Data” application development, primarily using Hadoop-related technologies. Dean is a contributer to several open-source projects and the founder of the Chicago-Area Scala Enthusiasts. He is the author of Functional Programming for Java Developers, the co-author of Programming Scala, and the co-author of Programming Hive, all from O’Reilly. He pontificates on twitter and at

Twitter: @deanwampler