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Presentation: "Visual Programming: Cooking the Spaghetti"

Time: Tuesday 14:00 - 14:50 / Location: Walton North

“Nothing even convincing, much less exciting, has yet emerged from [visual programming]. I am persuaded that nothing will.”
- Frederick Brooks, The Mythical Man Month

What causes Mr. Brooks, and countless others in the field of software development, to dismiss visual programming as nothing more than a tool for teaching young programmers?  Rick Lane discusses the pitfalls that traditionally plague visual programming, including the tendency for it to resemble “spaghetti” (literally) and become difficult to maintain.  He will also discuss circumstances under which visual programming excels as a tool for rapid development and innovation, going well beyond an educational tool.

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Rick Lane, CTO, Trading Technologies

Rick Lane

Biography: Rick Lane

Rick Lane is the chief technology officer of Trading Technologies (TT), a Chicago-based technology firm that develops software for professional derivatives traders.

While at TickIt Trading Systems, a company he co-founded and later sold to TT, Rick created ADL™ (Algo Design Lab), the trading industry’s first visual programming platform. Professional traders use ADL to rapidly design, test and deploy low-latency trading algorithms without writing a single line of code.

Building visual tools around complex concepts has been a long-time passion for Rick. Prior to ADL, he created wargaming applications for the defense industry, aimed at helping military members visualize and interact with global terrorist networks. Before rejoining TT as their CTO, Rick had a brief hiatus at Google NYC.
Twitter: @R1ck_L4n3