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Workshop: "Build a Strong AngularJS Foundation"

Time: Friday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Training Room 3

Even seasoned AngularJS developers will agree that they spend most of their time using a core set of AngularJS features over and over. In this workshop, we will dig into the core pieces of AngularJS that you need to know to start delivering great web applications right away. When you are finished, you will have build a non-trivial application that not only covers the foundational elements including tests but shows how they all fit together.

Intended Audience

Fundamental understanding of JavaScript and HTML. New or starting AngularJS looking to get started on the right foot Intermediate AngularJS developers looking to fill in some pieces they may have missed


Please show up with Node, Grunt, Gulp and Karma installed.

Lukas Ruebbelke, Co-Author of "Angular JS in Action"

Lukas Ruebbelke

Biography: Lukas Ruebbelke

Lukas Ruebbelke is a technology enthusiast and co-author of AngularJS in Action for Manning Publications. His favorite thing to do is get people as excited about new technology as he is. He runs the Phoenix Web Application User Group and has hosted multiple hackathons with his fellow partners in crime.

Lukas' blog:

Twitter: @simpulton

Matias Niemelä, Core Developer on Angular JS Team

Matias Niemelä

Biography: Matias Niemelä

Matias Niemelä is a core developer on the AngularJS project working primarily on animations, tutorials and documentation as well as core-level contributions. While not working on AngularJS, Matias raises the bar on tech blogging via his website He also performs speaking engagements, attends meetups and hosts pair programming tutoring sessions. He lives in Toronto and has over 10 years of solid full-stack web development experience.