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Presentation: "What I Learned About Going Fast at eBay and Google"

Time: Tuesday 15:10 - 16:00 / Location: French

eBay and Google operate some of the largest Internet sites on the planet, and each maintains its leadership through continuous innovation in infrastructure and products. While substantially different in their detailed approaches, both organizations sustain their feature velocity through a combination of technology, people, and process. This session will explore how these large-scale sites do it, and will offer some concrete suggestions on how other organizations -- both large and small -- can do the same.

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Randy Shoup, Chief Technology Officer at KIXEYE

Randy Shoup

Biography: Randy Shoup

Randy Shoup is the Chief Technology Officer at KIXEYE, making awesome games scalabler and reliabler.  Most recently, he was Director of Engineering at Google, leading several teams building Google App Engine, the world's largest Platform as a Service.  Prior to Google, he spent 6 1/2 years as Chief Engineer at eBay, building several successive generations of eBay's realtime search engine.

Randy speaks regularly at conferences on distributed computing and large-scale infrastructure, and is particularly interested in how organizations move rapidly at scale.
Twitter: @randyshoup