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Presentation: "x86 Internals for Fun and Profit"

Time: Wednesday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: French

It's easy to treat the CPU that executes our code as a black box, but understanding what really goes on inside it can help you write more efficient code.  In this talk, Matt will lift the lid on modern x86 processors.  He'll explain some of their features and how the code you write maps to those features.  He'll give examples of how to diagnose and fix performance issues.  Topics covered include memory, caching, out-of-order execution and branch prediction.

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Matt Godbolt, Low-level latency geek, DRW

Matt Godbolt

Biography: Matt Godbolt

Matt is a developer at trading firm DRW. He has worked at Google and before that over a decade in the games industry making PC and console games. He is fascinated by performance and created an online compiler visualizer, GCC Explorer, to help understand how C++ code ends up looking to the processor. When not performance tuning C++ code he enjoys writing emulators for 8-bit computers in Javascript.

GCC Explorer:

Twitter: @mattgodbolt