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Presentation: "Beyond JVM: How the platform is evolving for new languages and features"

Time: Monday 12:05 - 12:55 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

The JVM has traditionally hosted many languages, but only those closest to Java itself got the full optimization treatment. Those days are changing rapidly with new JVM features like invokedynamic and lambda, and with the rise of new frameworks like Truffle and Nashorn. In this talk we'll explore what it takes to optimize more exotic languages like JavaScript and Ruby and see how the JVM is evolving to do a better job. We'll see how projects like JRuby and Nashorn are trying to work around gaps in the JVM's optimizer. We'll see how JRuby+Truffle routes around the JVM to achieve blistering fast performance. And we'll look at upcoming projects on the JVM that will make language-building even easier.

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Charles Nutter, JRuby Guy, RedHat

Charles Nutter

Biography: Charles Nutter

Charles has been programming most of his life, as a Java developer for the past decade and as a JRuby developer for over six years. He co-leads the JRuby project, an effort to bring the beauty of Ruby and the power of the JVM together. Charles believes in open source and open standards and hopes his efforts on JRuby and other languages will ensure the JVM remains the preferred open-source managed runtime for many years to come.

Twitter: @headius