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Presentation: "Building Amazing Single Page Applications the Right Way"

Time: Monday 11:00 - 11:50 / Location: Grand Ballroom C

What does it take to build a single page application with all the bells and
whistles needed to be loved by users and by developers who created it? A lot!  Amazing applications are:

Blazing fast.  They use techniques like server-side rendering, progressive loading, real time connections, and fall through caches to be immediately responsive.

Maintainable.  They are tested, documented, well architected, and deterministic.

Fun. They are a joy to program. Common tasks are automatic or easy to perform.  

This talk shows how to create fast, maintainable, and fun applications using a
new JavaScript framework - DoneJS.

It shares the techniques and secrets Bitovi, a JavaScript consulting company, has used
to build some of the most high profile web applications on the internet.

Attendees will learn specific, tangible application development strategies that can be used with any framework.

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Justin Meyer, CEO, Bitovi

Justin Meyer

Biography: Justin Meyer

CEO of Bitovi, Lead author of JavaScriptMVC, CanJS, StealJS, jQuery++, and DocumentJS.