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Workshop: "Building Reactive Applications at Scale"

Time: Thursday 09:00 - 16:00 / Location: Gleacher Center 4

Using Netflix as a case-study and NetflixOSS components for hands-on practice, learn how to apply reactive principles to application architecture both in the "big" and the "small". Starting at the distributed systems level learn how to handle failure, adapt to changing environments and usage patterns, and iterate quickly in an always-on globally distributed system. Then we'll dive into the code level building blocks of how reactive programming patterns enable fault tolerance and scalability within an application.

Ben Christensen, Software Engineer at Netflix

Ben Christensen

Biography: Ben Christensen

Ben Christensen is a software engineer on the Netflix Edge Engineering team responsible for communication between Netflix clients and its cloud services. Recently involved in open source projects such as Hystrix ( and RxJava (

Twitter: @benjchristensen