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Presentation: "Fun with the lambda calculus"

Time: Tuesday 15:00 - 15:50 / Location: Promenade Ballroom B & C

You've probably heard about the lambda calculus, building up our computing structures from just the treasured lambda. But how much have you played with it? In this talk, armed only with Vim and the CLI, we'll explore some interesting topics in building up our world with just the lambda and the thought process while doing it. While you probably don't want to program day-to-day at this level, it definitely can help with how you think about your regular programming. This talk consists almost entirely of live coding. FUN TIMES!

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Corey Haines, Corey Haines

Corey Haines

Biography: Corey Haines

Corey Haines is an author, speaker, teacher and all around groovy guy. While his true contribution to the world is an undying love of cats, he also co-created and led the evolution of the coderetreat workshop, including the creation of the annual Global Day of Coderetreat. He is currently taking a sabbatical to follow his passion for teaching and mentoring software developers. As a follow-up to his popular book, Understanding the 4 Rules of Simple Design, he is working on a new title, Exploring the Lambda Calculus. He is the CTO of Curious Nation, turning the standard journalism on its head by engaging the audience at all stages of the journalism process.

Twitter: @coreyhaines