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Presentation: "Navigating Unstructured Data - Availability vs. Analytics in NoSQL"

Time: Monday 12:05 - 12:55 / Location: Promenade Ballroom A

The definition of NoSQL gives us room to lump databases in the same category as analytics frameworks and other technologies. While this categorization is factual, the terms tend to lead to confusion.

Understanding types of data workloads requires a fundamental appreciation of distributed systems. We will explore what factors affect your choice in database technology and particularly how to prioritize the choice in core architectural underpinnings present in NoSQL designs. We will also explore what these technologies solve and suggestions for how to align them with your application’s objectives for data insights.

You’ll leave this session with an understanding of the principles separating NoSQL databases, frameworks like Hadoop, and projects that are top of mind like Apache Spark and Kafka. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the considerations when identifying a distributed system to handle both availability and analytics for your active workloads.

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Matthew Brender, Developer Advocacy Lead, Basho Technologies

Matthew Brender

Biography: Matthew Brender

Matt Brender is the Developer Advocacy Lead at Basho Technologies. Matt and the team focus on the passionate community surrounding Riak, creating tools, apps and documentation for members of the community to gain familiarity with distributed systems and unstructured data.

Matt describes himself as a technologist forever changed by Twitter. He uses his degree in Computer Science and love for APIs to code solutions to communication gaps throughout Enterprise IT. Matt is recognized as a vExpert in the VMware community and, in his free time, he likes to podcast as one of the Geek Whisperers or blog at Neckbeard Influence.