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Presentation: "APIs and Service to the Last Line of Code"

Track: Case Studies / Time: Thursday 14:40 - 15:30 / Location: Margrethe

Build services and API is an essential part of building software. As a supplier of an API or service, you need to make sure people can easily access and consume your API. This means thinking carefully about how it is structured and how it will be used. Many of the consumers of your service will use HTTP directly, but many more with want a helper library. This is the last line of code for an API. How it works, and how it is used it critical for everyone. How easily can you change it? How likely are breaking changes? In this session we will look at APIs from HTTP requests all the way to building a simple helper library so that your services and APIs can be as easy to use, maintain and evolve as possible.

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Michael Wawra, Developer Evangelist for Twilio

Michael Wawra

Biography: Michael Wawra

Michael is a developer evangelist for Twilio, building software that communicates in a mix of languages. Right now he's working with lots of Ruby and C#, and whenever he can, Lego. Having spent an entire career building services and APIs, he loves code that talks to code that talks to other things.